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A Mix of Fire and Lilac -o1-

Title: A Mix of Fire and Lilac -P A R T o 1-
Fandom: Vampire Knight
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama and Romance
Pairing(s): Zero Kiryuu x Yuuki Cross-Kuran
Format: Prose
Time/Setting : Chapter 59-60 (a bit AU, obviously lol)
Summary:This is a contest entry for the Zero/Yuuki group on DA. Zero's and Yuuki's roles are switched, Yuuki being the vampire hunter/vampire and Zero being the pureblood vampire. With that in mind, I tried to preserve Yuuki's personality as much as I could despite her now being the "emo" one lol. I also wanted to establish Yuuki's twin, Chiyo, without her being too much like Ichiru. You know? Didn't want to copy him completely lol, cause Ichiru is such a cutie. <3 I probably failed majorly, though. Anyway, it's somewhat the same with the meeting of Zero and Yuuki and all that. But of course, I had to make Aidou less hands-on protective when it comes to Zero. I thought about it, and I felt that it would make Zero appear weak if he just let Aidou jump to his rescue all the time. Being weak would obviously not be Zero. ;3 Besides, Zero's a loner. Also, Asuka is the female replacement for Kaname lol. :D

P A R T o 1
Y U U K I ' S ♘ P O V

You sure are making one hell of a face right now. Kaito's words ring endlessly in my head—a bothersome contralto of sound. Whether our ways are "better" from theirs or not… this isn't about that, you understand?

I grip the bundle of fresh roses in my hand.

This is about us being different from them. So, go to the cemetery and get that difference back in mind.

The welcoming sting of my fangs piercing flesh; I lick the trickle of blood from my lip before it can stain my chin.

... And, don't show me a face like that one you made again. The face of a vampire who missed catching her prey… and who saw her victim escape her before she could make a meal out of it or something…

My heart wants to recoil, but it seems… too jaded now—given up? I clutch my face, my nails slicing thin crescent moons that heal even before I pull my hand away. Kaito's accusing eyes cutting through me in my silence. His lips parted, but he is holding something back… that word… monster. The blustery wind fusses with my hair, wild strands of mahogany caught on fire.

That face… the face of a beast in human form… my face… my form.

The crunch of the autumn leaves beneath my feet does nothing to drown out his voice, or the sound of my own passionless scream as it eclipses my mind. I inhale and swallow it quickly before it can erupt like a thin, high-pitched shriek from my lips.

I just… don't know anymore…

My eyes focus on the myriad of gravestones before me as I enter through the iron gates of the cemetery. The faintest smell of death is seeping up from the earth. Here and there, loved-ones have placed similar banquets to their dead. Only a few more rows. My fingers tighten around my own gift of roses, a gift to a vacant grave. Just a few more steps.


So heavy.

I bet you haven't gone there since forever, have you? Kaito's inquiry is a dull throb against my skull… I grit my teeth. "Shut up…"

The wind tears at my coat and my bangs stab my eyes. I'm there. I place the flowers gingerly onto the grave, my eyes focused solely on the smooth texture of the headstone.

Do the right thing and buy some flowers beforehand! We may live in a world where we're constantly near the vampires but… even if vampires were to have feelings comparable to those of people, there is still a definitive difference… between us and them.

Kaito's statement is like a slow and serrated blade down the middle of my chest, slow and distantly painful. Have I grown this used to pain? Or, is it the very fact that I am like them and I find some sort of sick pleasure with the sensation of pain? People. Human. This empty grave before me…

I still can't get it out of my head—the look on Kaito's face as he said those words. The difference is that we try to erect graves to remember those that have left use behind, don't we…?

"Do we, Kaito?" I close my eyes and kneel to kiss the empty grave, as empty as my heavy heart seems to feel.

After all, even if you became a vampire, there must be a chunk inside of you that's still human, no?

My body collapses onto the freezing concrete. Not the warmth of a human body… just cold, bitter emptiness. I can hear the echo of my heartbeat through the cement, solid, healthy, alive. Everything she isn't…


Leaves dance along with the wind above me; I miss it—being… human. "But, I wonder if there really is any chunk of 'humanity' left inside of me."

A flash of fangs… my fangs. A cruel smile… hungry… mine. The sadistic face of a vampire. Her scent, the thick smell of her pure blood. Finally…

I curl deeper into a ball, my hands coming to shield my face. A meager attempt to hide myself away from the truth. In that moment, in that very instant I'd been so tempted; it would have been the perfect excuse to hunt a pureblood. The utter delight of such an idea…

"It actually sent chills through my body then…" I close my eyes, biting down hard on my tongue.

Coppery. Salt-taste. It's almost like the taste of tears, just sweeter. I feel my eyes heating up, changing.

"That was undeniably me… that feeling, so similar to a blood impulse, is something that can only be understood by a vampire."

Yes, vampire.

"It's too late to talk of remembering differences between races. I… I'm already too… Chiyo." I sigh in exhaustion. "I can't remember… what it's like… to be… human."

The word is like a chain around my heart.

"Why are you talking to the grave?"

My breath stops and a hand, a warm hand, is placed over mine.

"I'm not even in that grave. You know, Yuuki, you're such a numskull sometimes." A light chuckle.

I bolt up, jerking in the direction of the voice. She is sitting there, her back to me and her shaggy bob of hair tangling in the wind… the color of mahogany caught on fire.

Another chuckle, like the chime of gentle music. "The place where I actually am is," she turns to me, "inside of you, Yuuki." She cocks an eyebrow, smirking. "You can be so stubborn and dense sometimes."

I feel the sudden urge to smack her on the shoulder, such a foreign sensation.

She tilts her head to the side and her mouth breaks into a luminous smile. "Did you finally decide to listen to my voice?"

I am speechless, but my eyes are softening. The warmth of her hand over mine is comforting. I can feel the tightness in my chest receding.

"Did you finally decide to accept what happened one year ago?"

I ignore the question. "I've missed you."

Chiyo rolls her eyes. "You really are thick, you know? I've been in your heart all along, stupid."

Before I can reply, she reaches out, letting her fingertips ghost along my cheek. Then, she is pulling me to her, cradling my head tenderly on her shoulder. The familiar feeling causes my chest to ache, though… it used to be me that cradled her, that watched her… that protected her.

"I killed you." I murmur faintly.

She seems to take no notice. "Yuuki, tell me… what are humans, anyway?"

The question makes me stiffen.

"Because, you know there are humans who desire to take the blood of purebloods just as the vampires do." She leans her head against mine. "So… what is this human race you speak of?"

I try to form words, but my mind is a clutter of questions, hesitation… loneliness.

Chiyo senses my distress. "So serious, Yuuki," she jokes. "You're always so tense, holding yourself in check." Her hand caresses my hair. "You're such a dummy, Yuuki. You brood over how horrible vampires are, but tell me, big sister, what's the difference when all sides are greedy?"

I inhale sharply and she pulls away to face me; our noses touch and she is smiling again. "But hey… Yuuki. Whatever you do, there's one thing I don't want you to get wrong." She reaches up to kiss my forehead and I close my eyes. "You do know that frowning makes you ugly, don't you?"

My eyes snap open and I scowl at her.

She chuckles. "It doesn't suit you. You're the happy twin remember?" Then, her expression softens and her eyes become more serious. "What I said to you that day, the meaning of those words, Yuuki…" her fingers are warm against the cool skin of my cheek and my eyes fall closed again. "Live on and fulfill your goal. Do not mistake those words, big sister."

An icy breeze sinks into my flesh and my eyes find that Chiyo is gone. But, I can still smell her—the distinctive scent of winter and roses, such a strange combination, but entirely Chiyo. My goal. The memory of that woman's words…

Your whole body actually reeks with the smell of pure vampire blood.

Zero's face is a ghost in my thoughts, haunting me. My throat suddenly turns to fire, igniting my senses and coloring my eyes that vicious red. Savage beast. I find myself smiling, a strange and cheerful smile. Somehow, I find this hunger more suitable than all the others. The desire to kill purebloods, the ones that ruined my life… and somehow… one pureblood gave me reason to live again… How quaint. I rise to my feet and dust off my skirt. More suitable than all the others—unequivocal to all the others.

Out of the blue, my senses distinguish the bitter presence of vampires, three of them. One of them is old, very old. I head toward the entrance.

That's when I catch a familiar scent, blood. The wind blows harsher this time, filling me to the brim with that inviting aroma. Zero. Hurt? Why would you be here? I quicken my pace until I reach the iron gates. Hanabusa Aidou is kneeling beside him, his silver head bowed and his neck bathed in fresh blood.

"Are you alright?" Hanabusa speaks urgently.

"I'm fine." Zero coughs, lifting his head and straightening up.

"It's all my fault." Hanabusa whispers miserably.

"Don't be stupid." Zero smirks at him. "It's obviously not."

"It is." Hanabusa snaps, unwilling to give up his guilt.

Zero slowly gets to his feet and Hanabusa looks on worriedly, but does not utter another word. The air is heavy with silence. What is Zero doing here at a cemetery?

His heartbeat is deafening. Such a delicious sound.

I swallow the realization back down and bury my hunger. The fire behind my eyes subsides, but only just. I push the gate open, causing it to creak. When Zero's eyes find me, I feel my body freeze up. I want to feel hate. I want to raise my gun and… my lips pull into a familiar smile. "Good evening."

Both men gaze at me, one very confused and the other with fixed amethyst eyes. I attempt to hide my blush, though I fail horribly. Good evening? What a moronic statement. Besides, you're supposed to hate this pureblood, this arrogant, heartless, greedy creature that finds enjoyment in toying with other peoples' lives. Still… the way he is looking at me…

Yuuki… Chiyo's voice startles me. You're forgetting one other vampire.

I instantly snap out of my stupor and reach for my gun; freeing it from its holster at my thigh and pointing it passed Zero's head. Hanabusa immediately protests and Zero grips his shoulder, thrusting him out of my line-of-sight. The creature behind them is a wallowing mass of bat wings and maniacal chuckling. A pair of malignant eyes gaze from under a lofty top hat and the black blobs beside it make up for the rest of its body. I cock the hammer on the Bloody Rose.

"Awwww, she noticed me." It fusses. "Come now, I just wanted to sharpen my blades on him a bit more. No need to look so scary, vampire hunter." It then sticks out its tongue. "Well, toooo baaaaad!"

My expression is pure steel. "Disappear. Alternate version of you or not, I'll still turn it to dust."

It tips its hat. "Oooookaaaaay!" and, becomes a flurry of frantic bats that quickly fly away. "Bye-bye!"

Hanabusa looks to Zero. "Asuka will be worried now. You should pro—"

"Go inform Asuka that I'm alright." Zero interrupts him. "There are still some things I need to take care of today. I will return later."

Hanabusa looks a bit uneasy. "Alright."

I watch them for a moment. Zero has never been the type to have someone fuss over him or baby him, even if Hanabusa really doesn't have a choice. I'm sure the vampire doesn't like looking after Zero and vice versa for Zero. After all these years of knowing Zero, I've learned that he prefers to do things solo. Even Asuka must be peeved by his aloofness. I shake my head, mentally slapping myself for thinking on such thoughts. He's not a part of my life anymore!

Could have fooled me. Chiyo whispers.

"Shut up!" I hiss quietly.

My attention turns back to the pureblood. Hanabusa is gone. Zero himself is still standing there, watching me. I holster my gun and begin to walk past him, but his voice stops me. "You look terrible."

I halt and glare up at him. "I can't say you look much better."

He's being sarcastic. Chiyo giggles.

I huff inwardly. I'm aware of that.

It's good to finally have you talking to me. I feel a warmth around my heart as if I'm being hugged. He's staring at you. Say something, dummy!

I'm sure me slapping myself wouldn't look too vampire hunter at the moment, but boy am I tempted. Considering that Chiyo isn't around to abuse, I am finding myself a much more fitting candidate. A silence stretches out around us like a vast blanket, vaguely suffocating. I swallow, averting my eyes to the wall behind Zero. Why am I not moving? I feel so… vulnerable.

You feel human. Chiyo elaborates.

Thanks a bunch professor. I drawl.

He's still staring, Yuuki.

My heart skips. I'm sure he hears it. Not that he cares. He chose over a year ago. He chose to become my enemy. That's what he is now… right? I can't keep my eyes from meeting those vibrant orbs—lilac tainted by moonlight. Enemy. That's what you are to me, Zero Kiryuu. I am glaring at him, attempting to drill that thought into his eyes. Enemy. Stop staring at me… I can't… walk away. Walk away, Yuuki.

His lips are moving, slowly—a creeping smile. Secret. Nostalgic. A smile that only I had ever brought to his face. My heart skips again and my cheeks are heating up. His eyes are cornering me, gluing my feet to the ground.

"Zero…" his name is a trembling exhale.

Before I realize it, Zero's eyes are rolling back, his body is propelling forward, his scent is engulfing me, his weight is knocking me off balance, and I nearly fall backwards. I immediately grip his shoulders and steady myself.

"Zero?" I holler in alarm.

No answer.

He's fainted from blood loss, Yuuki. Chiyo informs me.

"Well… I…" I quickly scan my surroundings before looking to Zero's silvery head resting against my chest. "Zero! Snap out of it!"

His body is heavy against mine… and warm. I can hear the pulse of his blood. So very close.

"No!" I growl at myself. "I'll just… I'll take him to a safe house to let him recover and I'll leave. I won't stay any longer than needed." With much effort, I place him snugly against my side, my arm looped around his back and my other pressed against his chest. "I'll leave right after I make sure he's safe… That's what I'll do."
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